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Handling the ball is one of the most important parts of the basketball game. Yet it is also the part that is most neglected by the players. Many young or even experienced players make some mistakes that might be ruining their game.


Dribbling and taking care of the ball is critical to winning any game. There are some mistakes that are most common among basketball players. If you are the one who has made any of these mistakes then I have some tips for you at the end of this article. In my observation, below are some of the most common mistakes that beginner basketball players make.


  1. Dribbling too high


This is one of the most common problems among young basketball players. If you dribble too high, you have less control over the dribble. A good basketball player should focus on keeping the dribble as low as possible. A lower dribble is faster and more explosive. Most importantly, you will have better control over the dribble.


  1. Not keeping hand on top of the ball


This is the reason why officials make carrying calls. Keeping the hand on top of the ball is quite important if you want to play the game well. Placing the ball under your hand will definitely cause a carrying motion while placing it on top of the ball will enable you to have better control of the dribble.


  1. Dribbling far out in front or behind


If you have the ball far out in front then there is a high probability that it will be knocked away or stolen by your opponent. On the other hand, dribbling far out in behind will cause you to either slow down the speed or stop the dribble. So, what is the best approach for dribbling? The answer is to dribble at your side. Having the dribble at your side will enable you to protect your dribble better as well as give you a lot more control.


  1. Not mastering the basics


Here’s the thing that a lot of beginner basketball players do not understand. If you want to become an advanced level basketball player, you need to master the basics first. The fundamentals of the game should be practiced as much as possible especially in the beginning. Continuously improve your basics and let it become your second nature.


Once you master the basics, you can move on to do the fancy things. But trying out the fancy things before mastering the basics will not help you at all.


  1. Too much of stationary ball handling


Stationary ball handling is not a bad thing, but when you are learning basketball you need to practice both on the move drills and stationary drills. Stationary moves are good for developing hand eye co ordination but on the move, drills will help you dribble at a different speed which happens majority of time in the game.

Most Common Mistakes Basketball Players Make

  1. Not protecting the ball


when you are dribbling the ball it is important that you keep it away from the defender with your second arm shielding the ball and the man. Protecting the ball is hugely important but this is skill is ignored by some new players. To understand how important ball protection is, consider that protecting the ball can be the difference between a critical turnover or a potential score.


  1. The double dribble


Everyone knows what a double dribble is, many young players make this mistake. Double dribble doe not help much in the game and can in fact be detrimental to your winning. This is not very common though and it is quite easy to correct.


  1. Not keeping the head up


Being a good dribbler is not enough. You also need to be able to see what is happening in front of you. Without that, all your dribbling skills are useless. Keep your head up during the dribble and practice it that way if you don’t already do that. This is one of the main requirements of being an expert level basketball player.


  1. Dribbling in just one spot


Players at almost every level make this mistake and it is one of the most common ones out there. Dribbling at just one spot is completely useless in the game of basketball. If you dribble too much, everything becomes stagnant as other players just stand around when there is no ball movement.


  1. Not properly catching the pass


This is one of the most frequent mistakes by six to nine-year-old players. Here is the thing, you need to have the control over the ball before dribbling it off. If you take off to dribble even before you properly catch the pass it is guaranteed that a player from opponent’s side will take the ball away from you. Turnover is one of the most annoying things that happen in the basketball game.


How to improve:


This was the list of most common ball handling mistakes that basketball players make. Do not worry if you are the one who has made one or more of these mistakes. When learning basketball, it is important to have a positive mindset. These are mere hurdles that you need to jump over because you can finally reach your goals. Below are some tips that will help you avoid these mistakes and help you improve the game.


  1. Identify your mistakes – the first step is to know which of these apply to you. Make a list of your weaknesses. This will help you know in which area you need to focus most of your energy and time on.
  2. Improve on one thing at a time – my second tip is to improve on one weakness at a time. Don’t try to be everything at once, take it slow and have confidence in yourself.
  3. Practice consistently – deliberate practice is key here. Practice as much as possible until it becomes your second nature. Don’t practice for the sake of practicing but practice with the intention of improvement.


If you follow all these tips then you will definitely be a successful basketball player. Keep playing!

How to play basketball

Let us start by learning a little bit about the history of this game. Basketball was first devised in 1891 by a Canadian physical trainer James Naismith. The first game of basketball was played on 20th January 1892 and in a few years, it quickly spread all over the country and the world. Today, there are several international organizations dedicated to this game and learning it is tremendously useful.


If you are new to basketball or you have just started learning the sport then this article will be greatly useful for you. I will tell you all the tips I have learned which will make you the best basketball player you can be.


How to play basketball


A typical basketball game starts by referee tossing up the ball from the center circle. The centers of both teams jump and try to direct the ball in the direction of their team. The team members all try to get the ball and put it in the basket while protecting it from the opposing team. The ball needs to be dribbled or passed on to other members while you attempt at making the basket. This is the basic introduction of the game.


How to become better at basketball


Now comes the main part of this article. Below are the top nine tips for basketball that I have learned. If you follow all these tips you will be able to quickly learn the best basketball skills and be a better basketball player.



  1. Learn the fundamentals


The fastest way to become a better basketball player is to learn and practice the fundamentals. Some of these fundamental skills are catching, passing, shooting, dribbling, and the basic footwork. The basics are the most important part of the success of any good basketball player.


The great thing about learning the fundamental skills is that you start to develop a “skill synergy”. it means that when you get better one skill, you will inevitably get better at other skills too. So, each skill you learn, you will become exponentially better at the game. Conclusion, don’t ignore the basics.



  1. Practice the correct way


Practice by itself will not make you perfect. Perfect practice will make you perfect. When it comes to practicing the sport. The quality of practice matters more than the quantity of it. You don’t have to spend lots of hours at the training ground for practice.


My advice is this – practice a little bit every day, even just 20 minutes a day will do, but you have to be consistent at it. Try to learn something every day and focus on quality over quantity. While it is true that



  1. Seek out mentors


The secret of becoming a great basketball player is to seek out good mentors and learn from them. Many people avoid seeking mentors because of insecurity or fear or criticism. While it is true that you may face criticism from your mentor, that criticism can be tremendously useful for you and can speed up your improvement in the game.


Don’t wait for a coach to find you, go out and find them on your own. There is a lot of valuable information that a good quality teacher can give you about playing the game better.



  1. Learn by watching videos


Watching videos is a great way to improve the game. You can get hundreds of videos on the internet and with modern technology is it quite easy to find them and watch them.


Watch the games that are broadcast on television and watch the instructional videos on YouTube. These can teach you a lot about the fundamentals of the game.



  1. Physical fitness is important too!


To perform at a high level, a good physical condition is absolutely essential. A lot of basketball is just about conditioning and physical fitness can make it quite easy to learn and perform the basic basketball skills.


If you are not already in a good physical condition then you should definitely dedicate your time and energy on improving it and watch your game improve dramatically once you improve your physical fitness.



  1. Move without the ball


Now, everyone wants to get the ball in their hands. You feel more in control as you pass and shoot and dribble. But learning to play without the ball is an important skill that every basketball player needs to learn if he wants to get better.


This is because in the majority of games you will play you will have the ball in your hands only for the one tenth of the game. 90% of the time you will be moving without the ball. Learning to play without the ball for a long time is important and it will give you an advantage in every game.



  1. Have the right mindset


The right mindset is absolutely important for becoming better at any sport and not just basketball. You’d be surprised how many people fail at it not because they lack skills but they lack the right mindset.


The thing is, when you are learning the game, you will make a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes often frustrate new players and drive them to quit it altogether. You should instead have a positive mindset and treat mistakes as a part of your learning process. If you stick to it for long enough, you will eventually improve the game.



  1. Fake it till you make it


This tip is greatly useful when playing against the opponents. What is the best way to make your moves doubly effective? Faking is a great way to make your opponents off balance. You can employ this tactic in any part of the game. Add as many fakes to your game as possible in different parts of your game. I can assure you they are quite effective.



  1. Learn continuously


My last advice in this article is – never stop learning. Basketball is a great game and there is a lot to learn about it. Now matter how great you are at the game, you can always learn something new and improve your skills at the game.


You can learn from the diverse source, watching videos, playing it on the ground, trying new experiments and lots of other ways. The more you learn, the better you will get.

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